CSR/Code of Conduct



As good corporate citizens, Ocean Trawlers is committed to the welfare of the people, species and environments that come into contact with our business.

This includes requiring our suppliers to operate in strict compliance with our standards, in everything from the way they fish to the welfare and fair treatment of employees on board.

We emphasise education and training programmes for the Master and the crew and require that harvesters comply with all international covenants and conventions.

On land, our business supports suppliers who, in turn, bring high-quality employment to local communities. These opportunities are open to all, regardless of gender, creed or colour.

Ocean Trawlers has set out its standards as a corporate citizen in formal Codes and Policies which are actively enforced:

  • The Ocean Trawlers Code of Ethics
  • The Ocean Trawlers Policy of Sustainable Fisheries
  • The Ocean Trawlers Code of Conduct.

Internal Standards for Sustainable Fishing and Processing


High standards run in our DNA.

Whether it’s the quality of our cod loins, the safety on board our suppliers’ vessels or the ethics governing the way we trade, Ocean Trawlers has grown by acting professionally, fairly and safely.

To safeguard the interests of everyone involved in our business we are governed by our Policy of Sustainable Fishery, and a Code of Conduct based on the policy. We have laid down:

  • Standards for Sustainable Fishing. This stipulates our responsibilities in terms of international trade; fishing quotas; illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing); vessel and crew safety, and working conditions.
  • Standards for Sustainable Processing. This governs our operations regarding the working environment for fish preparation; specifications for worker safety and fire prevention; workers’ housing, rights, wages, benefits and hours; freedom of association; steps against child labour, discrimination, harassment and abuse; and disciplinary procedures.

Modern slavery statement for the financial year 2016

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