Fully integrated supply chain

The harvesting companies in the group, based in Murmansk, Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, hold the fishing rights and own the freezing vessels. They are part of both Ocean Trawlers and the Karat Group and thus are a key link in an integrated supply chain from catch to customer. All companies produce fishery products under the Ocean Trawlers and Atlantika® brands, to the strict quality standards we have established.

The Crew

On every vessel there are between 17 and 135 seamen who are involved in fishing, processing and packing the catch. They are trained for a variety of work on board the vessels, with each trip taking from one to three months and often in very challenging conditions.

The captains have the important role of not only finding the fish but controlling the fishing so that when the catch is hauled or hooked it arrives on board in peak condition. Many of our vessels are named after famous fishing captains and navigators.

Supply chain

Our customers are spread all over the world, with the largest in Europe, North America, Africa and South East Asia. Supplying them requires as much care on land as it does out at sea. We have therefore optimised our supply chain to meet the triple demands of quality, speed and reliability.

The supply chain starts at sea on the freezing vessels where the products are stored. From there, the products are trans-shipped at sea onto our transport vessels that bring them to port. They are then stored at third party cold stores for distribution, or direct delivery, to our customers.

Real-time information systems manage and deliver all required information about the products we sell.