All our products are from wild harvested species that are fresh-frozen at sea. Conditions always vary out at sea, and in order to supply quality in quantity, Ocean Trawlers offers an integrated chain from harvesting to markets all over the world.


The North Atlantic and Barents Sea

The largest proportion share of our supply comes from the North Atlantic; specifically, the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea.

These areas are actively managed by the Norwegian and Russian authorities, and stocks are plentiful and secure. Indeed, quotas have increased significantly in recent years due to sustainable management of the fisheries and favourable environmental conditions.

As the largest supplier of cod and haddock from the North Atlantic we take sustainable fishing very seriously. In 2010 we gained MSC certification for our suppliers’ Barents Sea cod and haddock fisheries through complying with strict standards governing where and how they fish.

The North Atlantic also offers important species such as Greenland halibut, redfish, herring, blue whiting and mackerel.

Further south, we supply various pelagic species that are caught in the Eastern Central Atlantic, off the coast of Africa.

The Pacific Ocean

The Russian exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Pacific Ocean is also an important source of the fish we offer.

The Sea of Okhotsk is a large marine ecosystem with species such as Alaska pollock, herring, salmon, cod and halibut. The area comes under the governance of Russia and for more than 30 years it has been a fishery conservation and management zone. An important step was taken in 2013 when the Russian Pollock Catchers’ Association received an MSC certification for the Alaska pollock fishery in the Sea Of Okhotsk, with our suppliers being part of that certification.

The West Bering Sea is important for its stocks of Alaska pollock. This area is also the largest fish biomass in the world for Pacific cod and other cod-family -like fishes, and also supports salmon, flatfish, rockfish, halibut, flounder, squid and a variety of crab species and other crustaceans.

Fishing grounds

Fruitful harvesting areas

FAO map of fishing areas

Ocean Trawlers offers seafood from the North Atlantic Ocean (FAO area 27), Eastern Central Atlantic (FAO 34) and the Pacific Ocean (FAO 61).

North Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic cod and haddock are harvested in the icy Arctic waters of the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea. This huge fishing area, which is part of both the Norwegian and Russian exclusive economic zones, offers strong fishing stocks. In addition to cod and haddock, other important species include redfish, Greenland halibut, capelin, mackerel and herring.

These catches mainly come from FAO area 27. This area is broken down into the so-called ICES sub-areas and they can be seen on this map.

FAO Area 27

Various pelagic species are also harvested by Ocean Trawlers in Central Eastern Atlantic, off the coast of Morocco, Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau in FAO area 34.

Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, the largest volume is harvested in the Sea of Okhotsk and the West Bering Sea, all within the Russian exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

The Sea of Okhotsk has an abundance of Alaska pollock, which was MSC-certified in 2013, and of Pacific herring. The West Bering Sea also has Alaska pollock, Pacific cod, white halibut and other valuable species. All fishing takes place in FAO area 61.

The Russian EEZ is divided into harvesting zones and they can be seen on this map.