Polar Sea+

Polar Sea+ is a fish processing plant, owned by the group behind Ocean Trawlers, located in the village of Minkino, 23km distance from Murmansk, on the opposite side of the Kola Bay.  It specialises in cod and haddock, servicing the many needs of all our clients in retail, food service and industry.

The plant’s equipment is from leading manufacturers in the fishery industry and the factory employs 120 people.

The factory had been granted with EU number (43N) and the MSC chain of custody number (MSC-C-55382).


Fresh fish from our own trawlers

Two own trawlers land every week fresh fish (mainly Atlantic cod and haddock) from the Barents Sea to the private quay of Polar Sea+. The MSC certified trawlers Boris Zaitsev and Yakov Gunin were changed from H/G to fresh fish and have been well equipped to supply head on gutted fresh fish, cooled down to 0°C by liquid ice for further processing. Besides the very valuable closeness of the factory to the fishing grounds, the two fresh fish trawlers ensure an independent and secure raw material supply all year long.



Main products are IQF single frozen fillet products, as described below. They can be packed for industrial use, for food service or in future, for retail customers. Equipment is in place to produce MAP and skin packed products. In addition, the factory produces various by-products, such as mince, belly flaps, heads, collar bones, spine bones and skins.


Atlantic cod

IQF products, glazed and packed as the customer requests

  • Loin cuts
  • Centre cuts
  • Tail cuts



IQF products, glazed and packed as the customer requests

  • Skin on pbi fillets