Ocean Trawlers serves the largest markets in the world. Our fresh-frozen fillets and fish are enjoyed in five continents. We are present in the main markets for our species, in North America, the UK, continental Europe, Russia, Africa and South East Asia, and work with the strongest distributors in each market.

Our aim is to choose customers in each market segment and build up close, long term relationships. These customers include retailers, food service operators, in-home service deliveries, wholesalers, importers and industrial companies.

So if you’re enjoying some haddock in Hamburg, cod in Connecticut, sardines in Senegal or redfish in Rome, it may well have been caught, processed, fresh-frozen and delivered by Ocean Trawlers. Our reach extends to the key seafood markets including the USA, UK, Continental Europe, China and West Africa.

Rightly, customers today want full information about the provenance of their food and with our integrated supply chain, we can supply it. Our MSC certification also allows us to serve markets that would otherwise be closed to us.