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Landing success

Ocean Trawlers first put to sea in 1997 and was based in Drøbak in Norway.

The company was founded by Magnus Roth and Vitaly Orlov to create business alongside Russian harvesting fleets. Ocean Trawlers concentrated on creating markets for Cod and Haddock products, while the fleets focused on building up vessels and production.

It was a successful formula. At Ocean Trawlers we
soon widened our net, trading with other companies
in addition to our long-term contracts with the
Russian fleet.

We have extended our portfolio to include Redfish and Greenland Halibut from the North Atlantic and Pacific Herring and Alaska Pollock from the Pacific Ocean.

In 2003 we moved our headquarters to Hong Kong, putting us in a better place to serve our customers worldwide. We also have sales offices in the
UK and USA.