Our proposition

Navigating our second decade

Ocean Trawlers has been harvesting the sea since 1997.

Our recipe for success has been simple yet very effective. Indeed, through our obsession with quality, and by focusing on what our customers need, Ocean Trawlers:

  • is the world’s largest supplier of Atlantic cod and haddock from the North Atlantic
  • is the only supplier offering Atlantic cod loins and fillet portions frozen at sea
  • offers only wild products fresh-frozen at sea
  • processes and freezes every catch at sea within 6 – 10 hours
  • sources fish only from responsible fisheries and has supported MSC certification for Atlantic cod, haddock and Russian Alaska pollock fisheries
  • offers a global supply chain serving 5 continents and over 20 countries

Landing success

Ocean Trawlers first put to sea in 1997 and was based in Drøbak in Norway.

The company was founded by Magnus Roth and Vitaly Orlov to create business for the Russian harvesting fleets. Ocean Trawlers concentrated on creating markets for cod and haddock products while the fleets focused on building up vessels and production.

It was a successful formula. At Ocean Trawlers we soon widened our net, trading with other companies in addition to our long-term contracts with the Russian fleet.

We have extended our portfolio to include redfish, Greenland halibut, herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting, sardine and sardinella from the North Atlantic, Eastern Central Atlantic and, from the Pacific Ocean, Pacific herring, Alaska pollock, Pacific cod and white halibut.

In 2003 we moved our headquarters to Hong Kong, putting us in a better place to serve our customers worldwide. We also have sales offices in the UK, Germany and USA.

Today, Ocean Trawlers is vertically integrated with the group’s harvesting companies, and is responsible for the sales and marketing of around 300,000 MT of fish every year.

Waves of innovation

In a world of generalists, we are specialists in fish.

We constantly seek new ways to improve our products and widen our range. For example, Ocean Trawlers is the only supplier to offer loins and fillet portions that have been processed and fresh-frozen at sea, 12 months a year. We also bring innovation to the way we do business. This includes year-round supply contracts that few others can promise, supporting your business with quality in quantity.